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What You Should Know About Reflexology

Although there are no clinical studies supporting reflexology, it is regarded as an alternative treatment. However, a lot of people affirm its benefits. Here are some common questions you should ask your reflexologist prior taking a treatment: What can you expect from reflexology? How do you locate a licensed practitioner? Where do you find a qualified reflexologist? Let's find out! Enjoy reading this article while you are waiting! You'll soon feel relaxed and refreshed.

Experiences through reflexology

Reflexology has many benefits. It helps relieve stress and tension. Many people who have tried reflexology claim they feel a deep sense relaxation. They don't have to take off their shoes or clothes. People can also make use of reflexology to relieve tension and emotional tension. People are less angry and sad by reflexology. It can also ease stress and help to promote inner peace. Reflexology is a potent healing therapy that can restore balance in the body and mind.

Reflexology, a treatment for healing that uses pressure on the skin to connect the body's organs and glands, is referred to as reflexology. Similar to acupressure, a reflexologist applies pressure on these points to restore the body to balance. The result is relaxation and warmth in the targeted area. Many who have experienced reflexology have reported a feeling of relief from pains and aches.

Side effects

Reflexology is a great method to ease stress and boost your energy levels. Stress can cause damage to your body and lead to illnesses such as Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Reflexology can also help strengthen your bladder and guard you from urinary tract infections. The process of reflexology makes use of pressure points on your feet to stimulate your adrenal glands. Your body will be more able to fight off many diseases if these glands are stronger.

One study analyzed the effectiveness of reflexology on breast cancer patients and found it reduced the symptoms and improved their overall health and functioning. A second study that was published in 2011 looked at the efficacy of reflexology for breast cancer patients. It concluded that it was a beneficial nonpharmacologic nursing technique. Cancer patients may benefit from reflexology as a non-pharmacological intervention since it helps to reduce many of the side effects of treatments for cancer.


The qualifications for reflexology vary widely. It's possible to promote services in local classifieds. However, it's more difficult to obtain an official state-regulated certificate in reflexology. While the practice has ancient roots the modern practice of reflexology dates back to the early 20th century. There are professional associations for reflexologists and there are a variety of ways to become a specialist in the field. Your options for career advancement and credentialing opportunities are more flexible if you've got broad and extensive experience.

Reflexology associations provide professional membership in their associations which require at least 300 hours of education. While some of these hours may be completed online, most of them must be completed in an actual classroom under the supervision of a certified instructor. Reflexologists are able to continue their education following completion of the initial training course. They may also pursue additional training through mentorship or self-study. While these requirements are not required, they can be helpful in the preparation for further studies.

Places to find a reflexologist

Reflexology is a form of massage therapy. While the majority of people are familiar with massage therapy however, not all practitioners are qualified to practice reflexology. It takes more than a year to study and practice reflexology. The city's reflexology association is a great place to find a certified practitioner. You will find an index of local practitioners in the association, which can help you locate them.

Reflexology can be used to treat physical and mental symptoms as well as for pain relief. The practice of reflexology can help alleviate IBS joint pain, headaches and poor circulation. 청주출장 It can even improve the tone of your skin. Many cancer centers offer complimentary therapy and will happily recommend a qualified practitioner. It is important to find a licensed therapist. A licensed reflexologist must be certified by the appropriate medical board.

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